Feel the magic of nature when you visit El Dharma Lodge in Montanejos

Stay at El Dharma Lodge (previously El Refugio Hostel!) and reconnect with both nature and yourself.

Looking for a relaxing, rural getaway? Head to the province of Castellón! Here, you will be able to connect with nature in its purest form

When you go, there’s no better place to stay than El Dharma Lodge, formerly known as El Refugio, in Montanejos. Perfect for families, couples or friends, this hostel is nestled in the heart of Mother Nature, tucked between the mountains and the Mijares River. You’ll have different kinds of cabins to choose from, all of which possess a cosy kind of charm.

Surrounded by pine trees and built on top of a rock, El Dharma Lodge offers you daily views of the Maimona ravine and river, two naturally-beautiful places that locals cherish.

Among its many amenities, this locale houses a great restaurant with traditional and local dishes, impeccable flavours and five-star service. Your dining experience at El Dharma will be nothing short of extraordinary.

And while you’re there, be sure to get out and explore Montanejos! Get lost in its many landscapes or try many activities like hiking, biking or climbingthe destination is actually home to one of the most popular climbing schools in Spain.

After a day of adventure, take a dip in the waters of Fuente de los Baños, one of the most loved natural pools in the Region of Valencia. Its waters are known for their beneficial properties for health and skin, and they keep a constant temperature of 25ºC, making it easy for visitors and locals alike to bathe in those waters all year long.

El Dharma

Montanejos, in the Alto Mijares region, is a charming town filled with beautiful landscapes. Walk through its historic centre and see the culture of the Region of Valencia firsthand, or spend your day immersed in the magical waters of its cherished hot springs. 

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