El Mas de Xetà, an activity centre your kids will love

Enjoy the great outdoors at El Mas de Xetà, an activity centre where you can stay in cabins, enjoy the adventure park, learn how to ride a horse and more.


If you are on the look-out for a destination where nature is queen, Llutxent will deliver. Located in la Vall d’Albaida, the village is enveloped in the most spectacular scenery that is criss-crossed with beautiful hiking routes that will lead you to discover its incredible history, heritage and cuisine. 

A stay at El Mas de Xetà will immerse you in these landscapes, giving you the opportunity you’ve been craving to connect with mother nature. Dating back to the 16th century, the country property once belonged to the monks at Corpus Christi monastery. The perfect place to let the chirping birdsong lull you into a sense of relaxation and do some incredible outdoor activities with all the family. 

El Mas de Xetà offers two accommodation options: a hostel or wooden cabins. Whichever you choose, you will have access to incredible facilities. The pool is a great place to mess around in the water while the adventure park is perfect for whizzing down ziplines, do some rock climbing, scramble over Tibetan bridges and do some target practice. There is also a riding centre where you can learn how to ride a horse. 

El Mas de Xetà is an excellent choice for school trips and summer camps. In addition to the pool, adventure park and riding centre, you can also enjoy the farm school, organic vegetable patch, ethnological museum, as well as a wide range of activities run by the instructors. 

Come along to enjoy the great outdoors, connect with nature and so some amazing adventure activities. Book your stay now. 

El Mas de Xetà

Located in la Vall d’Albaida in the province of Valencia, Llutxent is a pretty village enveloped in nature, history and culture. During your time here, you simply have to walk some of the local hiking routes that will lead you deep into the most stunning scenery. Just like everywhere else in the Region of Valencia, Llutxent has extraordinary cuisine so make sure you find the time to sit down and dig into arroz caldoso and bollos.

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