Enduroland MTB dedicates its time to clearing historic cycling trails and making them usable for riders today.


Operating in Alto Mijares, Enduroland is an initiative that seeks to discover old mountain biking trails and clear them so that cyclists can use them today. The team are committed to bringing these rural routes back to life and showcasing the beautiful villages, fields and farmland in the area. 

The Enduroland team believe in mindful and sustainable development. Their work promises a win-win situation: not only does it benefit the local landscapes, but also the cyclists exploring it. This is active tourism at its very best. 

The experts also want cyclists to have the very best experience while using the trails. They therefore redirect routes to avoid difficult or dangerous sections and promote solidarity among not only the cycling community, but also with the trail itself. The result? An incredible opportunity to explore the trails of yesteryear, delving into the heritage of the local area, while feeling part of something bigger. 

The trails are located in and around Arenoso reservoir and the river Mijares, spectacular landscapes that will blow you away time and time again. Specifically, you can explore Masía Peña Blanca, Senda los Ibáñez, Barranco del Lobo, Morrón de Olba, the Cantón-Viso viewing points and the Grana-Juana, Peña Casulla and Los Calpes routes.  

Most of the trails are in Puebla de Arenoso, a municipality with a beautiful reservoir as well as plenty of points of interest, accommodation options and restaurants where you can refuel. The Enduroland team know just what cyclists are looking for, recovering historic trails through the most spectacular of scenery. Check out the trails today.


Puebla de Arenoso paints a pretty picture close to the river Mijares. The landscape defined by woodland, reservoirs, rivers and gorges makes this the perfect place for outdoorsy activities like hiking and cycling. Come and explore everything the municipality has to offer.

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