L’Escaleta: the pure joy of fine dining

L’Escaleta serves up the exquisiteness, tradition and quality infusing Alicante cuisine, in an homage to the flavours of the sea, the land and the past.



Autumn is here, bringing with it the perfect time to enjoy the beauty, flavours and traditions of the Region of Valencia. Places that envelop you in the moment, treating you to memories that you will cherish forever. In this case, memories of delicious cuisine… 

L’Escaleta is a fine dining restaurant located in Cocentaina, in inland Alicante. It currently holds two Michelin stars and three Repsol soles, badges of honour that loudly proclaim the quality and prestige of the cookery served in this family-run restaurant. 

With over forty years of history behind them, Kiko Moya and Alberto Redrado are now head of the second generation of this passionate and personal project. Both are part of a superb team that combines the best of tradition, local surroundings and innovation to create exquisite dishes. 

The result? Cookery that is obsessed with the details, a menu inspired by the Mediterranean, by the mountains and by the Alicante huerta. Rices, line-caught fish, meat, artisanal pastry and a panoply of flavours that will delight your palate and seduce your senses. 

L’Escaleta was founded in 1990 by two couples who shared the same dream: to create the best family-run restaurant in the province of Alicante. Before long, they had made a name for themselves in the culinary landscape in the county and later in the province. Ten years on, their children joined the team and ever since they haven’t stopped doing what they do best, namely enjoying and making diners enjoy the best of Alicante cuisine

Come to visit Cocentaina, one of the most beautiful Medieval villages in the province of Alicante. Here you can wander its historic streets, walk through its stunning landscapes and, of course, live an extraordinary gastronomic experience at L’Escaleta. The perfect day out. 


  • Subida la Estacion del Norte, 205
  • +34 965 59 21 00

Cocentaina is a charming municipality located in El Comtat county in the province of Alicante. The village oozes history and boasts a rich historic and cultural heritage. Come to soak up its Medieval past and taste its delicious food in an experience that evokes all the senses.

l'escaleta cocentaina