Learn to cook like a chef at the Escuela de Arroces y Paella Valenciana

Enjoy yourself as you cook up an authentic Valencian paella. The school will talk you through all the steps involved in this Valencian ritual that absolutely everybody loves to eat.

Paella is the dish defining the city of València. Preparing a paella is a veritable ritual that is handed down from generation to generation, bringing Valencian families together around the table. It is without doubt one of the most important traditions in the area. So why not delve into the world of rice and discover the secrets of the most popular ingredient in the Region of Valencia? 

The Escuela de Arroces y Paella Valenciana is the perfect place to learn, step by step, how to make an authentic Valencian paella. The rice experts will take you through the entire process, from learning how to select the perfect ingredients to understanding the history and social significance of the dish. 

The school is committed to providing a fun activity that, at the same time, spreads the origins and techniques of cooking up the perfect paella around Spain and the world. Following its success in València, the Escuela de Arroces y Paella Valenciana is opening a new school in Madrid, with the goal of taking the culture of the Region of Valencia to a wider audience.

The school offers different classes and recipes including Valencian paella, vegetable paella, seafood paella and An introduction to Spanish cuisine, among others. All classes are designed for you to learn and have fun as you do so.

This València-based school is set up for you to share the experience with others, whether that be your friends or family, or for a hen or stag party, or business team building sessions. You can select the option best suited to you and spend some time with the people you want, when you want.

The Escuela de Arroces y Paella Valenciana is doubtlessly one of the most extraordinary ways to immerse yourself in the gastronomy of Valencia, its traditions and customs.

Escuela de Arroces y Paellas

València is as open and cosmopolitan as it is traditional and welcoming. A city of incredible customs and beautiful places. Enjoy days filled with adventure and nights bursting with magic. This is the authentic Mediterranean, come and discover its charm. 

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