Hiking, culture, history and more. Discover everything there is to know about the province of Alicante with Guian-te.

From its base in Onil, Guian-te runs a selection of guided tours that will immerse you in the beautiful scenery surrounding destinations like Ibi, Onil and Jijona, as well as take you on an exploration of the local toy industry, age-old traditions in the area and, it goes without saying, its culture. The members of the team are excellent guides who will let you in on the many secrets of the province of Alicante. 

You have a number of tours to choose from. Ruta de la Muñeca (The Doll Tour) will take you to the doll museum, which is housed in Palacete Señorial de la Familia Payá Alonso, where you can look around the workshop and learn about the evolution of an industry that drives the local economy while taking a trip down memory lane. With Guian-te, you even have the opportunity to make your own doll

In the Recorre Onil (Explore Onil) tour, you will visit the most interesting sights in the town, including the doll and olive oil museums, Palacio del Marqués de Dos Aguas, an old ice house and an air raid shelter. If, instead, you fancy running away to the country, you can opt for Experiencia Rural (Rural Experience) in which you will learn how olive oil is made and make herbero, a spirit made from local herbs. The tour includes a visit to hedge maze. Another option is to explore Onil’s religious heritage on a tour full of great artistic and architectural treasures.

Guian-te also runs tours in Ibi, a place best known for its toys and ice cream, and in Jijona, a town full of historic buildings where you can try the famous nougat, known as turrón in Spanish. 

Last but by no means least, if you fancy delving into the local culture, you can sign up to the Eusebio Sempere tour to discover the great sculptor, painter and graphic artist through the places that defined his life and some of his most iconic pieces. So how about it? Join Guian-te on a tour or two through some of the most fascinating parts of the Region of Valencia. 


Onil will take you aback with its variety of museums, castle and Palacio Fortaleza del Marqués de Dos Aguas. The destination also hosts incredible events, such as Nit dels Fatxos, and is swept up in beautiful scenery. Plan a getaway to come and explore the town.

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