Based in Utiel, Hocesventura will take you on all sorts of adventures in spectacular scenery or, if you prefer, on a discovery of the area’s fine wines.


Located close to Hoces del Cabriel natural park, Hocesventura is an adventure company that promises an amazing day out in breathtaking scenery. Whether you’re a school group, group of friends, family or couple, the professional team will take you on an adrenaline-fuelled adventure, providing you with all the equipment and training you’ll need while - of course - keeping you safe at all times. 

Hocesventura offers a wide selection of experiences to choose from. You could sign up for a treasure hunt and put your teamwork to the test or see how well your strategy works for you in an exciting paintball game. Hiking is a must during your time in Hoces del Cabriel, as is kayaking - which will show you the scenery from another perspective - and canoe rafting, which always promises a thrilling journey down the river. 

Hocesventura also offers both caving and canyoning (dry and water), as well as rafting, bungee jumping and combinations of all the above, creating your very own day of adventure. If you fancy something a little less high-octane, you could also opt for a wine tour in which you and your palate will be treated to some Utiel-Requena Designation of Origin wines

But that’s not all. Hocesventura also offers you the opportunity to adopt a beehive. Well aware of the importance of bees in the ecosystem, the team will plan a lunch for you out in the countryside and you’ll learn how honey is made and harvested. 

The adventure company - which is based in the province of Valencia - offers a number of packages for couples, families and groups so you can indulge your cravings for adventure in the great outdoors. And if you like, they can even find your accommodation in their three star hotel, hostel or country property. 

The next time you’re in the mood for doing something exciting in spectacular scenery, remember Hocesventura in Utiel and start planning an unforgettable getaway. 


With its beautiful scenery, elegant houses, gastronomic delights and excellent wines, Utiel is a destination that will awaken your senses. Visit, explore and taste everything there is on offer with a getaway that has it all. 

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