Stay in one of the first 100% energy self-sufficient hotels in Europe and discover a new and sustainable way to travel and enjoy nature.

Are you looking for a hotel that is a little bit different? A hotel that is as beautiful as it is sustainable? A hotel you can enjoy with your family, friends or partner? We’ve got the perfect place for you to run away to the mountains and enjoy a simpler way of life. 

Hotel Mar de Fulles will treat you to an incredible stay. Its ten generous guestrooms offer views over Castro castle in Sierra de Espadán and can sleep two, three or four depending on your needs. If you’re looking for a place to stay with a group of friends, the hostel is for you. Mar de Fulles has a variety of rooms for up to eight people. And they’ve got balconies too: the perfect space to breathe in the beautiful Sierra de Espadán.

Not only is it comfortable and peaceful, Mar de Fulles is an environmentally-friendly hotel. The building is constructed from lime, wood and thermo-clay, making it the one of first 100% energy self-sufficient hotels in Europe.

The sustainable philosophy is reflected in everything they do. The hotel is run solely from solar energy, has a closed circuit of filtered water from its well and low energy lighting. The hotel’s restaurant also cooks up delicious dishes from produce grown in the garden, serving diners a menu filled with eco-friendly, seasonal and home-grown fruits and veggies

All this and in a stunning setting. Hotel Mar de Fulles is located in Alfondeguilla, a charming and picture-postcard village in inland Castellón. A large part of the hotel’s land is on the Sierra Espadán, a natural park that will make lovers of the great outdoors fall immediately in love.

Hotel Mar de Fulles

Alfondeguilla is a small inland village located in the province of Castellón. Meander along its narrow and steep streets to discover the village’s monuments such as El Castellet and El Calvario. Surrounded by the Sierra de Espadàn Natural Park, Alfondeguilla is enveloped in a stunning natural landscape. Come and see it for yourself.

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