Embark on an adventure in the province of Castellón with Itinerantur

A truly unique way of discovering the landscapes of the province of Castellón awaits. Discover Itinerantur and the wonderful experiences and activities it offers in the midst of nature.


From the coastline to the inland and within the villages, towns and cities, the province of Castellón has got plenty of wonderful places to explore. Places where nature, history and culture come together to create destinations that are truly unique. Places that you simply have to visit during your time in the Region of Valencia. 

There are all sorts of different ways of exploring the province of Castellón, but Itinerantur certainly offers some of the best. This adventure company offers a wide range of activities and experiences, meaning you’re sure to find something that will tempt you.

Promoters of sustainable tourism, Itinerantur is known for what it calls “interpretative hiking”, in other words, walking the local trails and pathways while seeking to interpret, understand and learn from the nature, wildlife and culture that surrounds you. They even define themselves as “translators of the landscape”. A truly unique way of getting to know the province of Castellón. 

And your kids won’t be left out either. Itinerantur offers activities and games that will teach your children all about their surroundings. And that’s not even the best part: a tasty lunch made with local products. 

One of its most popular activities revolves around the millennial olive groves in Canet lo Roig. A number of different trails will lead you among the silvery trees so you can learn all the secrets these historic spectacles of nature hold. 

 If you love cycling, there are also a number of different routes that will take you on an exploration of the dreamy landscapes across the province of Castellón on two wheels. To make this all a reality, all you have to do is sign up to the adventure. 

Itinerantur is also on a mission to make sure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the natural world. The company therefore offers a number of experiences tailored to people with reduced mobility. A wonderful way to get out in nature. 

Itinerantur offers all this and much more. To discover the extensive range of its experiences, check out its website and sign up to the activity that beckons you. 


The province of Castellón is a land of contrasts. While the inland is home to majestic mountainous landscapes, the coastline offers the most beautiful pristine coves with crystalline waters. The area will without doubt seduce you with its culture, views and gastronomy.

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