El Jardín del Papagayo is a great place to enjoy nature with your family

Find out everything you need to know about Papagayo Garden, a subtropical park with 50+ species of parrots.

If you love animals, nature and travel, don’t miss a visit to the subtropical park Jardín del Papagayo de Benicarló! This is one of the most important zoological reserves in the Region of Valencia.

Far from the conventional zoo, Jardín del Papagayo puts you in direct contact with 50+ species of parrots, and not just to observe them. There are plenty of activities that let you and your family interact with the parrots and learn more about them.

Included in the programme of activities are several bird shows, like “Vuelo y habilidades de loros”, where a mix of macaws, cockatoos and parrots spread their wings and show off their beauty, skills and majesty. Another show, "Animales misteriosos y magia", turns the zoo into a mysterious setting filled with magic and surprise.  

Jardín del Papagayo is committed to environmental conservation, and even through all the fun that can be had there, there is a strong educational component. This park has also developed a special programme of activities just for schoolchildren that instills a respect for nature and the living things that surround us.

After a day of fun and education, head to Benicarló and experience all of the wonders it has to offer. Need suggestions? Explore its wonderful beaches, taste its delicious Mediterranean cuisine or visit its charming Old Town.

Jardín del Papagayo

Sitting on the coast of the province of Castellón, Benicarló is filled with natural landscapes that are considered true gems of the Region of Valencia. Visit beautiful beaches, see towering mountain landscapes, enjoy fresh local produce and more in this charming Maestrazgo destination.

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