Chef Manuel Alonso's concern for innovation and respect for tradition has created a Mediterranean dining experience like no other: his namesake restaurant, Manuel Alonso Restaurant.


Located in the heart of Daimús, a charming coastal town in the Valencia province, Manuel Alonso Restaurant has earned both a Michelin star and two Repsol soles.

During these past few months of quarantine, Chef Manuel Alonso himself has taken the time to collect his family’s traditional recipes and turn them into something newa new dining concept called Casa Manolo.

After opening to the public on June 20, Manuel Alonso has added new recipes and dining experiences to the menu, all while maintaining a core Mediterranean essence.

The chef’s passion for cooking runs in his family, as his grandparents settled in Daimús to launch restaurant dreams of their own. They set up a beach bar in the area and, since then, have continued to experiment with their menus and evolve to make sure they always offer an incredible dining experience. 

By fusing what’s considered “traditional” and “modern,” and always maintaining a respect for cooking and what’s grown locally, Manuel Alonso Restaurant has become one of the most raved-about restaurants in the Region of Valencia. 

Both the sea and orchards are hallmarks of Daimús, and you see both in Manuel Alonso’s cooking. Visit this cosy town, however, and you will fall in love with everything else it has to offer, too: like its mountainous landscapes and wealth of cultural activities.

While there, head to the charming Old Town, which wraps around the Iglesia Parroquial de Sant Pere, and explore the coast, where you will find the pure, tranquil and beautiful Daimús Beach.

Daimús has always been a town committed to agriculture, and because of that, it’s surrounded by large areas of cultivation.

Come discover the treasure that is Daimús, and have a one-of-a-kind, sensory dining experience from none other than Chef Manuel Alonso and his talented team.

Manuel Alonso Restaurant

Daimús is one of the most charming towns in the Region of Valencia. It’s cosy, calm and unique, touches both the beach and the mountains, and offers wonderful dining experiences like those of Manuel Alonso Restaurant.

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