Master any nautical activity thanks to the Aloha Sport Club

The Aloha Sport surf school of El Campello (Alicante) takes you into the marine world and its challenging waves through water sports. Do you want to discover light sailing, windsurfing or SUP yoga? Learn with Aloha Sport and enjoy unforgettable experiences with your family and friends.

El Campello, located on the Alicante coast, is the perfect place to say in Hawaiian: good morning, sea!, with Aloha Sport. This surf school will introduce you professionally in any of the nautical activities that you would like to master. The experts of this school teach surfing, paddle surfing, kayaking and many other things in groups of a maximum of five people or private classes.

Are you still hesitating? The multi-adventure pack is designed for you. With this alternative, you will receive the necessary skills of the different disciplines that are included in the menu of Aloha Sport courses. Regardless of the weather and the state of the sea, learn the main secrets of bodyboarding or windsurfing. If you already know your choice and want to share it with your friends or family, just ask about the club's activities, which also include a teacher and material.

Still not satisfied? What do you think about signing up for a relax program? Sail on the Velox for a day and open all your senses. If you prefer adrenaline, there is no problem: take a jet ski tour! We have it all.

Aloha Sport Club

El Campello offers 23 km of coastline with coves and beaches of all kinds. Besides, you will also find a rich cultural and historical heritage and diverse routes to enjoy nature and the sea.

Aloha Sport Club en el Campello Aloha Sport Club en el Campello Aloha Sport Club en el Campello Aloha Sport Club en el Campello