Discover the world of olive oil at Oli Oli in Requena

Requena is well-known for the delicious olive oils that are produced in its local area. Visit Oli Oli to immerse yourself in this tradition with its olive oil experiences.

Requena is very much alive with local tastes, customs and traditions. And olive oil, locally dubbed “liquid gold”, is one of these. One of the best ways to discover the history, production and aromas of olive oil is to visit a traditional olive oil mill. Oli Oli in Requena runs experiences that will immerse you in their world, opening up not only your senses, but also your emotions. 

Oli Oli exclusively makes high quality organic extra virgin olive oil, something that differentiates them from other oils, making theirs a product where tradition, technological advances and passion come together. The company is firmly rooted in the land and therefore runs projects that help maintain and improve the wellness of the local population. 

 Olive oil tourism is a unique way of getting to know another perspective of beautiful destinations like Requena. Oli Oli offers an experience known as the Oleo Tour, a guided tour of the olive oil mill in which you will learn everything there is to know about extra virgin olive oil through technical tasting sessions in which you will try a number of different varieties. 

 If you fancy taking it a step further, you can join Sabores de la Tierra, an experience that pairs the technical tasting of extra virgin olive oils with a delicious glass of wine from the Utiel-Requena designated origin and some sausages made in the county. Another activity on offer is a tasting plus a lunch, paired with the mill’s amazing oils and designated origin wines. 

 You can even choose the sustainable weekend package which will treat you to a sensorial experience you’ll remember for years to come. And the most exclusive experience of all features a flight over Hoces del Cabriel natural park where you will enjoy beautiful bird’s-eye views over the vines and olive groves, followed by a fantastic tasting session. 

 The perfect opportunity to discover the Region of Valencia through its tastes and aromas. 

Oli Oli


Requena is a town where traditions and customs come together to take you on a journey back in time during which you will enjoy the most incredible gastronomy. The municipality is located in Utiel-Requena county, which has a reputation for its wines, sausages and olive oil. A place to visit, and savour, at least once in your lifetime.

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