Feel the rush of excitement as you whip past the Mediterranean coastline with Oroventur Oropesa del Mar.


If you have yet to explore Costa Azahar, do it with Oroventur, in Oropesa del Mar! This water sports and adventure company promises to let you experience the Mediterranean coast in its purest form.

 The tour starts at Morro de Gos Beach (where Oroventur is located) and takes travellers all the way to the Desert de les Palmes Natural Park. Throughout the tour, you will get to see and experience a sea of stunning Mediterranean sites and landscapes. They include, but certainly are not limited to: the Oropesa del Mar Marina, iconic Cofre Rock, La Renegà and the coast of Benicasim. You can also travel back in time as you follow the trail of the Berber pirates, which includes four historic watchtowers.

Whether you travel by bike, jet ski, train or paddleboard, Oroventur promises a wide range of activities for every age and skill level that create unforgettable experiences in Oropesa del Mar.

 Oropesa del Mar is one of those destinations that you can’t get enough of! Go as a family, as a couple or on a solo adventure and spend a few fantastic days on its wonderful beaches or out on the water, where you can practise sports like windsurfing or sailing. On the other hand, if you want to go under water, this is also a great place to scuba dive. The northern part of Oropesa del Mar is filled with untouched beaches that let divers feel like they have the whole sea to themselves. 

 Want to really get that adrenaline pumping? Explore the municipality’s wild side. Check out its diamond landscapes, like the steep cliffs of Sierra de Oropesa del Mar, which are just south of Oropesa del Mar.  

 In general, Costa Azahar is a wonderful place to discover the inspiring coastline of Castellón. With more than 120 kilometres of dreamy, Mediterranean landscapes to explore, Oropesa del Mar (and Oroventur!) are true treasures of the Region of Valencia.


Discovering Oropesa del Mar means taking in the history and unique landscapes of a special part of the Mediterranean, where every site and experience make travellers fall more in love with the destination.

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