Whether you fancy exploring the wildlife, culture or gastronomy of the Costa Blanca, Oxytours promises to take you on an adventure.


Is there anything better than connecting with nature? Getting away from the noise and pollution of the city to once again breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the silence and be at one with the mountains is a simply incredible way to spend time and discover a new place. If you’re in need of a little getaway, then you’re in need of Oxytours. 

With Oxytours you can disconnect from everything and reconnect with the wonders of nature. The company organises a wide range of tours, from experiences like birdwatching, where you can watch the natural world of the Region of Valencia in motion, to routes and trails taking you on an exploration of the culture and traditional cuisine of the Costa Blanca. 

One of Oxytour’s main goals is to raise awareness about the importance of environmental education. It therefore organises a whole host of guided activities for schools, associations, groups and families who want to be part of the movement. Routes along the coastline, excursions through protected natural areas, workshops and other activities will take you deep into the natural world of the province of Alicante

All of the activities run by Oxytours are underpinned by the company’s philosophy, understanding leads to preservation, meaning that we first need to understand the value of the nature around us to then be able to respect, value and give it the attention it duly  deserves. All activities are led by qualified instructors who will guide and accompany you throughout the experience. 

To discover the landscapes, plantlife and wildlife of the Costa Blanca is an incredible experience that will leave you feeling regenerated. Oxytours also doesn’t forget about one of the fundamental parts of Alicante culture: the cuisine. Join a gastronomic tour and savour the produce from the land, the Mediterranean and the Costa Blanca. An experience that is even better than it sounds.


Alicante city is known for its light, nature and wonderful climate. It offers perfect conditions for living new adventures, lounging on the beaches, immersing yourself in the natural world and enjoying a whole range of sports and cultural activities all year round.

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