Enjoy nature like never before at Saltapins, a tree adventure park that promises a day full of family fun that you will remember for years to come.



The extraordinary landscapes in the Region of Valencia offer something for absolutely everyone. Whether you’re looking for an adventure, to live the natural world or enjoy peaceful activities, you will find your ideal way to spend your free time here. If you’re one for a challenge, we recommend you lace up your trainers and join us on this great adventure. 

In one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, Morella, you’ll find Saltapins, a tree adventure park where you can whiz down 100m ziplines, cross Tibetan bridges and even swing from tree to tree. 

Different challenges using cables and wooden platforms await up in the treetops, putting your bravery and physical resistance to the test. Your mission is to get from one tree to the next overcoming the challenge, whatever it may be, before arriving at a wooden platform (between 2 and 17 metres long) and then making your way to the next platform. 

The tree adventure park has been designed for all the family and is a wonderful choice for a family day out, overcoming the different challenges in the depths of nature. There are a number of different circuits available, all combining mountain and nature activities that will help you develop important skills such as dexterity, balance, trust, resistance and strength. All conducted in respect of the highest safety standards. 

One of the missions of Saltapins is to get kids, young people and adults excited about doing sports. And it certainly doesn’t fail; the tree adventure park offers an incredible family-friendly adventure in beautiful Morella.


Morella is one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Charm emanates from each and every corner of the municipality and its landscapes will make you fully connect with nature. You will find yourself wanting to come back here time and time again, as each visit brings something new and unique.

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