Founded in the 14th century, this beautiful monastery boasts a fascinating history, diverse architectural styles and all sorts of wonders to explore. Come along for an incredible day out.


Monasterio de Sant Jeroni de Cotalba is a must-visit during your time in Alfauir. Sitting in beautiful surroundings, this magnificent monastery and its gardens are steeped in history making it no surprise that they were listed as Sites of Cultural Interest in 1994. 

Perched on the hills of Tossalet de Cotalba, Monasterio de Sant Jeroni de Cotalba is an intrinsic part of the Alfauir landscape. The monastery has borne witness to centuries of history. And it is this combination of scenery and history that make it such an incredible sight to visit today. 

The monastery is one of the most important in the Region of Valencia and will take you on a journey back in time. The building is originally Gothic, however, over the centuries a number of different architectural features were added from the Mudejar, Valencian Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical styles. 

A number of important historical figures have stepped foot in the monastery since its inception in the year 1388. Namely, Pere March, the father of the Valencian poet Ausiàs March, and Joanot Martorell, another important name in Valencian literature. It is even said that San Vicente Ferrer once preached in the monastery. 

And that’s not to mention the Borgia, who extended the monastery’s buildings. Some time later, the exceptional Valencian painter Friar Nicolás Borrás (a follower of Juan de Juanes) decided to embellish the beautiful building with his work. You can see part of this today in València’s Fine Arts Museum. 

One of the monastery’s many surprises are the remains of an old Moorish settlement. There is also a Gothic aqueduct, which is an impressive 5,800m long, connecting the monastery to Batlamala souce. The cloisters are also extremely beautiful as are the romantic gardens.  

If you are keen to visit this impressive sight, we recommend getting in touch with the monastery in advance. You could even sign up to the cultural and hiking tours that will take you back in time and lead you into the most spectacular landscapes. There is also a concert calendar, which you can combine with a guided tour and splendid dinner. Come along to see the beautiful patios, Gothic tower, Mudejar cloister, old church, frescos by Friar Borrás in the olive press, the silo, refectory and much more. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your visit to this historic monastery and get ready to be immersed in its culture and heritage. 

Real Monasterio de Sant Jeroni de Cotalba

  • Autovía Gandía-L’Ollería (CV-60) Salida 35, 46725 Alfauir
  • +34 619 524 093

Located in La Safor, Alfauir is a must-visit if you are keen to explore the monasteries in the Region of Valencia. The municipality has plenty to see, such as the church, castle and tower, and the Sierra de Vernissa mountainscape to roam. During your time here, make sure you sit down to a delicious rice dish.

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