The expert team at Serranía Aventura offers a wide range of thrilling outdoor pursuits that will get your adrenaline pumping in the great outdoors.


Based in Chulilla, Serranía Aventura is an outdoor activity company that promises exciting days out in the most spectacular landscapes. Accompanied by expert instructors who will keep you safe at all times, you will embark on incredible adventures with your friends and family. So what activity do you fancy trying? 

Serranía Aventura runs rock climbing experiences for all levels. If you’ve never tried the sport before, not to worry: the company will show you everything you need to know to manoeuvre yourself up the rockface. Water canyoning is another option. This sport involves making your way down the river in a gorge, overcoming the various obstacles by following the example of your guide. 

Dry canyoning, meanwhile, is a similar experience (though without the water!), involving plenty of abseiling. And then there are the via ferratas. With the help of rungs, ladders and cables, you will scale up the rockface without needing to be a pro climber. 

If you fancy something a little gentler, you could sign up for a guided hike in which you will learn all sorts of interesting facts about the landscape. You could also choose to walk over hanging bridges and go kayaking. And that’s not all. Serranía Aventura also runs courses so you can train to be an adventure sport instructor, become an expert in climbing equipment and much more. 

Though based in Chulilla, Serranía Aventura also runs its adventures in other spectacular destinations, including the reservoir in Loriguilla, Bercolón in Tuéjar, La Lámpara via ferrata in Titaguas and Mulatica via ferrata in Andilla. Are you ready for a great adventure in the great outdoors? 

Serranía Aventura

Chulilla is a popular inland destination among families and adventure-seekers. Discover everything this part of Los Serranos has to offer and start planning your great day out today.

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