Fancy exploring the Alicante scenery on your mountain bike? Here’s a professional team that will help you plan your getaway on two wheels.


Based in Teulada-Moraira, Snakebite MTB Adventures will help you plan a holiday that revolves around your mountain bike and the Mediterranean scenery. The perfect way to combine sun, the coast and a healthy dose of active and sports tourism

The professional team at Snakebite MTB Adventures will get you out on the trails with your mountain bike, hire you bikes and give you all sorts of excellent ideas for an unforgettable holiday. And it doesn’t matter if you’re travelling alone or if you’re part of a group – they’ll cater to you. Get ready for a day tour or a multiple-day adventure.   

If you're new to mountain biking, the team will accompany you on a beginner’s trail that will make your debut to the world perfect. If, on the other hand, you’re already an experienced biker, Snakebite MTB Adventures will help you organise a ride, taking care of all the details so all you need to worry about is having an incredible time.

Just reach out to Snakebite MTB Adventures and start planning a mountain biking excursion together. Before you get going, the team will give you all the information you need and check your bike, making any adjustments that are necessary.

With Snakebite MTB Adventures’ professional team by your side, your getaway just got easier: the team will help you find accommodation, organise transfer from the airport and even offer you transport once you’re in your preferred area. And, of course, they will also repair your bike if need be.

If you end up spending some time in Teulada-Moraira, Snakebite MTB Adventures’ base camp, you’re sure to find yourself falling in love with the destination, its 8km of beautiful beaches and coves where you can drift away, and the seabeds that are teeming with life. And if you happen to be there during Moros y Cristianos (Moors and Christians) or Fiestas del Moscatel, all the better. So how about it? Do you fancy doing some mountain biking with Snakebite MTB Adventures?

Snakebite MTB Adventures

A destination divided between the inland and the coast, Teulada-Moraira has landscapes that you’re going to love exploring, plenty of history and heritage, and some beautiful wild beaches where you can enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. Come and see it all for yourself.

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