Turismo Adaptado V3: accessible adventures for everyone

The Region of Valencia has no limits. A destination where you can do absolutely everything you want to do, from climbing in the mountains and swimming in the Mediterranean to indulging in the delicious local gastronomy.


If you asked us to define what the Region of Valencia is like, we would say it is a welcoming, friendly, open and accessible place. Everybody here wants absolutely everyone who visits to be able to live and fall in love with all the wonderful things our area has to offer. Whether you’re visiting the coastline or the inland, we want you to have a great time across the Region of Valencia and make incredible memories with your loved ones. 

 In this part of Spain, there are a myriad of destinations that are a fine example of accessibility. València city, for example, has a large range of accessibility-friendly spaces, such as Parque de Cabecera, a park equipped with ramps and anti-skid surfaces that open up the tranquillity and nature to everyone. In the province of Castellón, meanwhile, many hotels and restaurants have been adapted so you can really indulge in the delicious local gastronomy. And then in the Costa Blanca, the beaches are ready to go with ramps, fun and educational areas and floating wheelchairs. The perfect destination for accessible and inclusive tourism

If you’re one for adventure, for excitement, for adrenaline, and you’re looking to enjoy the Region of Valencia, Turismo Adaptado V3 is your perfect companion in your exploration of the provinces of Valencia, Castellón and Alicante. Specialising in accessible tourism, the company will take you where you want to go, supporting you in the experiences you want to live with a team of professionals and all the resources you need to keep you safe. 

 One of the missions of Turismo Adaptado V3 is to make your travel dreams come true. The team have therefore made a wide variety of activities and experiences accessible. For instance, you can explore the mountainscape of Sierra Calderona and take a dip in the crystalline waters of Cala del Portitxol. And if you’re an adventurer, you can push yourself to the limit as you climb up Peña María, which is guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping. You will be accompanied by qualified professionals at all times who will make sure you have an amazing time. 

 Come to the Region of Valencia for a getaway where you can do everything you want to do with total peace of mind. 

Turismo Adaptado V3

The Region of Valencia is welcoming, inclusive and accessibility-friendly, focusing on making sure you and everyone can enjoy the incredible wonders located up and down the region. From exploring Sierra Calderona to enjoying the beaches of the Costa Blanca, live everything you want to do during your time here.

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