Viajes Columbretes takes you to visit one of the most significant and magnificent marine landscapes of the province of Castellón, the Columbretes Islands.

While visiting Castellón, you can not miss the incredibly beautiful Columbretes Islands. With Viajes Columbretes you have different ports of departure: from Grao de Castellón, from Oropesa del Mar, Peñíscola or Burriana. Just pick the most convenient one for you!

The Columbretes Travel fleet offers you different types of boats like shallow-bottomed or sailboats. If you pick the shallow-bottomed  Clavel I, the Burriana catamaran or the Sergi I, the trip will last between two and a half or three hours. Once there, you will have time to visit the main island, swim in its clear waters and practice snorkelling, enjoying its extraordinary marine wealth. If your option is to travel in the sailboat Kailoa Charter, which departs from Burriana, the itinerary includes one night on board. This boat can accommodate seven passengers, it will be an unforgettable adventure!

As another option, Viajes Columbretes offers excursions from València at the Beneteau Oceanis Clipper 393 or on the Deyfous 325 Grand Large sailboat. In which case, the passenger will enjoy a night on the ship too. Get on board this experience! You will definitely repeat!

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The Illes Columbretes Natural Park is a Marine Nature Reserve with four groups of volcanic islands that are part of the protected natural areas of the Region of Valencia. The archipelago is home to impressive landscapes, as well as endangered species such as Eleonora's hawk. It is, no doubt about it, one of the most magical places of the Region.

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