Wine always speaks of the scenery where it was grown. At Vins del Comtat, you can explore the vines to discover how the vintages are made and identify the nuances that define them.


Situated in Cocentaina, Vins del Comtat believes that a winery can only make history if it evolves with the times, applying the latest techniques and technologies to the traditional winemaking process. The team use their great expertise to transform the delicious Alicante grapes into the finest bottles of wine your palate will thank you for. 

New techniques are skillfully paired with the traditional and artisanal savoir faire that defines the wines, guaranteeing the utmost quality. Bodega Vins del Comtat vines line the most beautiful of settings - the Alicante mountainscape - where they drink in the Mediterranean sun and are caressed by the gentle sea breeze. 

This land evolves with the seasons; changes that are reflected in the winery’s vast selection of vintages. Featuring different notes and nuances - whether it be fresh, acidic, sweet, dry or more - the Vins del Comtat selection promises something for every palate while also offering you the opportunity to broaden your horizons and try something different. You never know, it might just become your new favourite. 

Visiting Bodega Vins del Comtat is the perfect excuse to take a stroll among the vines that have characterised the local landscape for centuries. During your time here, you will discover the varieties of native grapes, namely muscat of Alexandria, giró and monastrell, as well as cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, petit verdot, merlot and shiraz. 

With such an ideal setting and conditions, it is no surprise that Vins del Comtat wines are of the highest quality. Though the winery may be best known for its monastrell, the catalogue also features bottles of red, white, rosé and sweet wines. So what are you waiting for? Treat your palate to some fine vintages. 

Vins del Comtat

Cocentaina is an ideal destination if you’re looking to run away to the mountains. Overlooked by a castle, the historic centre is full of sights and points of interest that have borne witness, over many years, to Moors and Christians festivals and Fira de Tots Sants. Why not come for a visit?

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