Vive Viu Verd: rural tourism in the wilderness

With Vive Viu Verd you will explore inland province of Alicante through a range exciting outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking and trail running.



Each and every one of the many landscapes that make up the Region of Valencia has got something unique and special about it. Sitting between the sea and the mountains, these are places filled with life, stunningly beautiful natural havens that offer you the opportunity to be at one with nature in whichever way you want. 

In inland province of Alicante, specifically in Tollos, Vive Viu Verd will show you a whole new way of living the great outdoors through rural tourism. The company runs a diverse range of activities such as hiking, mountain biking, trail running, workshops, camping, team building and more, adapting the experience to the age and requirements of the participants. 

Vive Viu Verd also offers an accommodation and restaurant service to find you the perfect place to stay in the village of Tollos. Whether you fancy a campsite, hotel, house, apartment or more, the company will help you find the right place for you and make a reservation. 

If you love hiking, you’re in luck, as with Vive Viu Verd you can enjoy walking at a leisurely or faster pace.  The company organises circular routes, experiences that last one or a number or days, different types of guided tours and even Nordic walking. 

The Vive Viu Verd team comprises instructors and specialist guides who are passionate about nature, history, culture and the essence of inland Alicante. The company’s mission is to give you the opportunity to explore, value and make sure you enjoy a unique experience in the Alicante mountains. 

Vive Viu Verd is one of the most highly regarded adventure companies in the Mediterranean due to its ability to tailor its experiences to each and every person. So what are you waiting for? Pick the activity that most appeals to you, live it with your family, loved one or friends and experience an exciting adventure that will leave you feeling regenerated. 

Vive Viu Verd

Tollos is a small village in inland province of Alicante. Situated in El Comtat county, it has stunningly unique landscapes that are the perfect excuse to immerse yourself in nature. And that’s not all. Make the most of your trip to discover the village’s traditions and taste its delicious food and leave feeling fully regenerated. 

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