alcàsser valencia


Not far from València city lies this idyllic town where rural charm still thrives. With so much to see and do, you’ll need to take note for your next trip to the country.

Situated in L’Horta de Sud in the province of Valencia, Alcàsser is the perfect destination for a rural getaway. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a scene of traditional rural life, this town’s rustic streets and historic centre will be right up your street. Come with us and discover Alcàsser in all its glory.

What to see in Alcàsser

Alcàsser has retained its traditional allure with its quaint, winding streets, evoking the timeless charm of authentic Spanish towns. A photo tour around this part of Valencia would give you plenty of material for your snaps, as you’ll stumble across traditional house fronts  that feature grand entrances originally for horse and cart, and a top floor which was built for drying or storing things. The façades still maintain their original charm! 

Alcàsser town hall is located in Palacio de la Baronía Castle, which stands on the foundations of an ancient Islamic fortress. Pop your head into 17th-century San Martín Obispo Parish Church and marvel at the beautiful frescoes within.

When passing through the centre of Alcàsser, look out for old ceramic tiles dating back to the late 19th and early 20th century. These miniature works of art still present on building walls remind us of a bygone age. Another recommended stop-off during your visit is the Alcàsser Municipal Market where you can sample local products and sink your teeth into a traditional sweet pastry. Heading out of town, you’ll come across the old Municipal Slaughterhouse building, which will transport you back to the 1920s.

In the outskirts of Alcàsser, you’ll find the Júcar Royal canal, which forms part of the Agua Route nature trail. This flat pathway is perfect for leisurely exploring on foot or by bike. Witness the pretty riverbank scenery and traditional hydraulic sites glide past as you travel through irrigated lands that are nourished by the river’s waters. Pack your camera, as you’re bound to see sites you’ll want to preserve forever. 

Find out how people live in L’Horta Sud in Valencia by getting to know Alcàsser and feel right at home, just like a local. Go on a walk through the countryside or the picturesque town and fall in love with the authentic beauty that lies around every corner.