Almond groves and vineyards embrace Alcublas, a peaceful destination where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, great hiking trails and all sorts of wildlife.

Located in the province of Valencia, Alcublas is one of the whitewashed villages in La Serranía area. Defined by beautiful mountains, the scenery here breathes tranquillity and is alive with biodiversity. Shall we take a look around? 

What to see in Alcublas

The windmills, known as Los Molinos de Alcublas in Spanish, are a must-visit in the village. Sitting on the top of a hill, the mills have been fully restored and are a great place to have a sit down at the picnic area. The views from here are wide-reaching, spanning from the village to the snowfield and the old air field that was used during the Spanish Civil War. 

de Alcublas and you’ll find nature’s paradise at Balsa Silvestre. At this freshwater pond, which is located in La Solana (a municipal natural landscape) and  Barranco de Lucía, you can see all sorts of wildlife, including ribbed newts, Spanish spadefish toads, Natterjack toads and more. To get here, you will walk through woodland of Aleppo and black pines.

In the same area, you can take a look at remains from the Bronze Age as well as old constructions such as lime kilns and snowfields. If you’re keen to see some more wildlife, we’d recommend visiting El Prao where you can see all sorts of invertebrates. 

Back in the village, take a stroll and before too long you’ll come across the town hall, which is housed in an 18th century building with a coat of arms carved into its 1603 façade. You also won’t want to miss San Antonio Abad church, built between the 13th and 17th centuries, the old slaughterhouse, which is now a museum, and the olive oil mill. 

If you’re an active type, you’ll be pleased to know that Alcublas is a great rock climbing destination. At Peña Ramiro there are 40 different routes in 6 different areas. The perfect way to get up close to the mountain and enjoy breathtaking views. 
There are also a couple of festivals in Alcublas held throughout the year: the festival in honour of Virgen de la Salud, which is held in August; and the festival of San Antón in January, which is the excuse you’ve been looking for to come and try traditional stews like olla and caldera. Start planning your getaway today and start getting excited about what promises to be an unforgettable trip.


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