Discover the wonders of a town within striking distance of València where history has left some great monuments behind. Start preparing your getaway to Chiva.

Located close to València city, Chiva is a town with boundless charm that offers visitors all sorts of opportunities to explore historic monuments and walk lovely hiking trails. Keep reading to discover everything you can get up to here.

What to see in Chiva

A good place to start your explorations of Chiva is at its most iconic monument, which makes a good excuse for an excursion that ends in great views. We are talking about the Castle, a medieval fortress affording spectacular panoramic vistas that extend all the way to the sea. 

You can reach the Castle either on foot or by car, although you will need to walk the final section. Next to the Castle is La Virgen del Castillo Shrine, which dates back to the 19th century and is well worth a visit.

In the centre of Chiva, we’d recommend taking a stroll through the Bechinos district, whose layout dates back to Muslim times and where you can see Chiva Tower, which is thought to have been built between the 11th and 12th centuries for defence purposes.

San Juan Bautista Parish Church is another point of interest that you will enjoy visiting. Take your time to marvel at all the interesting paintings. While you are here, make the most of the opportunity to see the Permanent Museum Collection at the El Torico Visitor Centre, which tells the story of a traditional bull event  that is defined by its use of a rope. From the visitor centre, you can take a do-it-yourself tour, named “La cuerda que nos une” (the rope that binds us together), which will take you on an exploration of all the main points of interest in the town. It’s a great way to make sure you don’t miss anything out. 

If you are keen to do some hiking during your time here, one option is to head to see Chiva Optical Telegraph Tower, which is on the Madrid-València optical telegraph line, which started to be built in the year 1848. Alternatively, you can walk a section of the Camino de Santiago, along the route known as La Lana. The trail makes its way through the local agricultural land until the centre, crossing over the Old Bridge. Make sure you bring your walking shoes and get ready for Chiva to win your heart.


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