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This church was constructed between the XVI and XVIII centuries. Originally, it had a rectangular plan, with a double sloped roof. Later, in the XIX century, a chapel for taking communion was added. The bell tower was incorporated in the second third of the XVIII c. and is placed against the façade. The Church has two entranceways; the South entranceway is located under a gothic dome of the previous construction, and the East entrance is located at quite a height. The solution to this imbalance of levels is a double staircase, incorporated into the East wall itself. There is a shield, in the niche and in the entrance’s space, belonging to Mr. Andrés de Orbe y Larrategui, Archbishop of Valencia during the time when the East Entrance was constructed. Among the church’s works of art, the Virgen del Prado is of special note. This is a polychromatic wooden sculpture from the XVI c. the work belongs to the Spanish Renaissance Period; the sculpture’s artist remains anonymous, however, this sculpture was hidden in sacristy and therefore escaped the Spanish Civil War unharmed. Also of special interest is a canvas depicting the Virgin of the Rose, which is currently being restored.

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