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Domeño is a charming place with an interesting history. Come here to walk fantastic trails through the surrounding scenery.


Located in Los Serranos county in the province of Valencia, Domeño is not only a municipality with an interesting history, it is also a fantastic place to enjoy some cycling and hiking. Start packing your backpack and come and discover the charm of our small municipalities.

What to see in Domeño

Domeño is divided in two by Loriguilla Reservoir, the formation of which pushed the population to move to a new location in 1979. You can currently visit Old Domeño to take a look around the ruins of the Islamic castle, Domeño Castle, whose curtain walls are still standing, and the old cemetery. 

Not far away from the old village, you will come across Salto de Domeño, an artificial waterfall with spectacular waters. Make sure you take care when getting close to it. The waterfall makes an incredible destination for a walk with a picnic at the end.

Another point of interest in Domeño is the fantastic Peña Cortada Aqueduct, a Roman hydraulic structure with some spectacular sections that will get you reaching for your camera. Pull on some walking shoes and set off on an exploration.

Outside the centre, you can make your way to the reservoir where you can do some fishing and relax as you gaze at the scenery. This is another excellent place to take some unforgettable photos.

The trails in Domeño are swept up in beautiful landscapes and will take you to places like Monte de la Sierra where areas of natural beauty like La Umbría Negra, La Marioneta, El Bosque and La Garrama will blow you away. You will also bump into a number of water sources along the way.

Gorges like Los Diablos, and recreational areas set up with paella stands and tables like Fuente de Los Cerraos, Las Riberas and Jórgola give you the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors in Domeño. Fancy coming to see it for yourself? Don’t leave even a corner of the Region of Valencia unexplored.


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