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In the province of Valéncia, we find tiny villages where to discover its landscape and history while tasting its local cuisine. Here you are the best of these municipalities, the smallest in the province of Valéncia.
The top five of the best excursions you can take in Valencia to get to know the city. Getaways, routes, and weekend trips.
The depopulation of some of the municipalities in the Region of Valencia has been typical for decades: the climate, the lack of infrastructures, the difficulties of access, the lack of work or medical attention with minimal services, make many inhabitants decide to move to other places. On the other hand, the hardness of these lands for the people who inhabit them, make them attractive for those who are in search of getting lost in a haven of peace and tranquillity.
Rincón de Ademuz is an inland region in the Region of Valencia, whose main feature is that it is separated from the rest of the territory of the province of València, between the provinces of Cuenca and Teruel. This type of region separated from the rest are known as enclaves.