Who said that the Mediterranean is only for Summer? In the Region of Valencia, you can enjoy splendid days of sun and beach but also a variety of traditional festivals and amazing plans to get the most out of your winter getaway. Fun and outdoor activities are guaranteed!

If you come in search of snow, you will find it. Firstly in the interior lands of Castellón: the historic Morella, Barracas and Penyagolosa. Secondly, in València, the landscapes with snow are in the region of Rincón de Ademuz, one of the most beautiful rural places, and in Bocairent. In the province of Alicante, we can find it in Vall de la Gallinera, Vall d’Alcalà, Vall d’Ebo, Vall de Laguar or Serra de Mariola. Ideal destinations if we want to enjoy mountain landscapes, snowy forests and rich gastronomy like stews and hotpots.

Be inspired

Como cada año, el primer domingo de las Fiestas de la Magdalena, Castellón celebra su tradicional “Romeria de les Canyes”. Acto que congrega a miles de castellonenses para subir a la ermita de la Magdalena y rememorar los orígenes de la ciudad.
The pericana alcoyana is a typical dish from Alcoy and usually is one of the essential starters of the Christmas Eve menu.
Malvarrosa Beach is the most famous urban beach in Valéncia, where during the summer, thousands of tourists can enjoy its fine sand and pleasant weather. It should not only be appreciated in the summer but during the winter it is one of the pilgrimage places for Valéncians who take advantage of the excellent weather to unwind and relax by the sea. Here you will find some recreational activities on this beautiful beach beyond the summer season.
At Christmas, the streets and houses are dressed in lights and flowers, and in the Region of Valéncia, we go beyond adding a Valencian flavour to our Christmas recipes and celebrating these festivities with unique events.