Head into inland province of Valencia to explore a town where you can roam natural landscapes and take part in incredible festivities. Discover Ayora.

Ayora is home to a beautiful valley embraced by areas of natural beauty inhabited with wildlife. Here you can visit heritage sites, delve into the local history and take part in traditional festivities. Come and discover everything Ayora has to offer. 

What to see in Ayora

Ayora has a number of interesting architectural sites. Start your explorations taking a stroll through the historic centre, stopping off at Santa María la Mayor church, Nuestra Señora de la Asunción church, 15th century Cruz Cubierta and the market, and wandering idly through the different districts and plazas. 

Make sure you take time to see Plaza Mayor, Los Morerales park, Calle Marquesa de Zenete, as well as La Solana, Los Altos, Santa Bárbara and Santa Lucía districts. The historic centre has a number of tours that you can follow, such as the Hilo Rojo tour which will tell you all about local traditions and stories. Just outside the centre, there is another tour, Ruta de las Ermitas, which will take you to a number of chapels. 

Venture a little outside the town and you’ll find Castillo de Ayora, a Moorish castle, as well as a trail that will lead you deep into natural landscapes like La Hunde, La Sierra, Palomera and Montemayor. With a bit of luck, you might spot some birds of prey, deer and mouflon

Ayora is home to archaeological sites, such as Abrigo de Tortosilla which has cave art depicting hunting and honey collection. Honey is still of importance in Ayora today, as every October the town is overtaken by Primer Corte de la Miel, a fair and festival dedicated to the world of honey. The town also celebrates carnival. Both events are ones that you won’t want to miss. 

Ayora’s gastronomy, particularly during its festivities, is the perfect excuse to start planning a getaway. Make sure you try the local honey, gazpacho, sausages and sweet treats. As you can see, there are plenty of things to see and do in Ayora. So come and enjoy it all for yourself.

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The rich heritage in pastry recipes of the province of Castellón is the result the legacy from the different cultures that populated these lands for centuries, and the nearby the products from which they were supplied: honey, almonds, hazelnuts, fruits, oil, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, goat and sheep milk, etc. Ingredients with which to make figs from albardaes, rollets, coca celestial, prims, buñuelos, coquetes, almendrados, mantecados, fritters, pastissets, curds with honey, etc. As many recipes as villages in the province.
In the Region of Valéncia, some festivals are known worldwide such as the Tomatina de Buñol or the Moors and Christians of Alcoy. Many famous festivities entertain Valéncians, such as the carnival. They are celebrated throughout the community, but only some of them have become a benchmark of this festivity you cannot miss.
The Valley of Ayora-Cofrentes is a region of the interior of Valencia formed by seven municipalities, each of them featuring something exciting and surrounded by beautiful nature.
1609. That is the year that marks a before and after in the history of Spain. On that date, King Philip III ordered the expulsion of the Moriscos who were still in the territory of the Iberian Peninsula after the Christian conquest culminated by the Catholic Kings with the capture of Granada at the end of the fifteenth century. The first Moors expelled were those of the Kingdom of València. Now, a route through the inland areas of the province of València remembers their presence in these parts.