Immerse yourself in the beautiful Marina Alta landscape and get lost amongst the riuraus. Discover a municipality full of charm.

Located in La Marina Alta in the province of Alicante, Benigembla in is a destination full of surprises. This small charming town is the perfect place for hiking among the ruiraus, and tasting a delicious baked coca.  

What to see in Benigembla

Surrounded by summits like that of Cocoll, Benigembla is a village that harks back to the Islamic period. It has the greatest number of riuruas - traditional buildings for grape drying -  within a municipality centre in La Marina Alta county. 

You’ll come across the characteristic arches of these majestic buildings designed for drying grapes to make raisins that were built around the 18th century. Some of the original features are still intact today, including the raisin oven which served to heat the air and help with the drying process. Of all the riuraus in Benigembla, the one by the fountain is the most impressive.

Continue on to San José church and the ancient outdoor washing place, el safareig, located in the lower part of the village, right by the children’s playground and recreation area. Another emblematic building is the Sindicat, an old agricultural cooperative that dates back to the start of the 20th century. You’ll love the building’s facade.

Another great spot to visit in the village is the charming Ribàs botanical park, which sits on the banks of the river Xaló-Gorgos and makes a lovely place for children to play together. It also has a picnic area. 

Hiking fans can take interesting trails like Caminos de Piedra y Agua (‘Stone and Water Pathways’) which link all the municipalities in La Vall de Pop, or the PR CV 465 route, called Senda del Badall i les Fonts, where you’ll come across ancient troughs walking along the trail, or PR CV 427, which connects Benigembla and Cocoll. Don’t forget to refuel after taking one of these hiking trails with a selection of cocas, the local delicacy which is a tasty bready treat.


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