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Go on an exploration through a fantastic museum that resides in a town you’re bound to fall in love with.
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Museu Etnològic de Dénia, the Dénia Ethnological Museum, is a great place to visit while in this pretty seaside town. Delve into the 19th-century raisin trade, a commerce that brought wealth to the town and whose legacy is still very relevant in Valencian culture today, and see how the grapes were processed.

Located in a typical 19th century bourgeois house, Dénia Ethnological Museum houses personal objects such as clothing and luxury items like jewels from the Bourgeoisie. Photographs, work tools and old newspapers are all on display and you’ll love the pretty architecture of the building that houses all the artefacts.

After checking out the well-preserved remains of Dénia castle and the old town walls that stands in the heart of the town, then visit the Ethnological Museum to widen your knowledge of the area’s fascinating past. Go for a stroll around Dénia port in the afternoon and try some of the local cuisine. To round off your visit to the town, step onto the soft sand at one of the nearby beaches. Discover Dénia Ethnological Museum and the wide variety of things you can do in this charming part of La Marina Alta.