Jardines de Villa Marco

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Situated in the Villa Marco estate, these gardens, of marked Versaillesque inspiration, were created at the beginning of the 20th century under the auspices of Renato Bardin, Honorary Consul of France and master of the estate at that time. Conveniently well-kept throughout their history, they have suffered some modifications while respecting nonetheless their original morphology. The landscaped area surrounding the house is criss-crossed by various paths flanked by classic style urns. The garden can be divided into five different areas: the “Arab garden” (originally used as a vegetable plot); the so called “historical garden”, where the examples of greatest significance are to be found; the “access garden”, which framed the carriage entranceway; a small “Mediterranean garden” (with native plants); and a great pine grove that represents a “Mediterranean wood”. These gardens are the home to two sculptures by the celebrated Alicante artist Vicente Bañuls: La Noche (The Night) and La Marsellesa (The Marseillaise).

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