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Jardines de Villa Marco is a beautiful garden that will envelop you in the majesty of the past.

El Campello is a remarkable seaside destination with a rich past. A place that epitomises this is Villa Marco, a beautiful estate with gardens inspired by those in Versailles.

The gardens were created in the early 20th century under the orders of René Bardin, the honorary consul of France and owner of Villa Marco at the time. Bardin did the villa up in a Modernist style, complemented with elements of French colonial art, giving it a truly unique appearance in comparison to the other nearby estates.

The villa sits in the midst of the grounds of the estate. Designed down to the minutest detail, the gardens are absolutely beautiful with their walkways flanked with classic vases and abundant verdancy. A number of renovations have been made over the years, though always in respect of the original vision.

Jardines de Villa Marco can be divided into five distinct areas: the Arab garden which was originally a vegetable garden; the historic garden where you can gaze at beautiful plant life; the access garden where the carriages would enter; the Mediterranean garden with indigenous plants; and an expansive pine forest.

Beyond all the wonderful trees, plants and flowers in the gardens, there are two great sculptures made by the Alicante artist Vicente Bañuls entitled La noche and La Marsellesa.

Jardines de Villa Marco is a wonderful place to be enveloped in the majesty of the past. Dramatized tours are also held here, revealing even more of the garden's secrets.

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