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If you’re looking for a seaside destination that will whisk you centuries back in time, El Campello is the town for you.

Though rightfully famed as a beach destination, El Campello offers much more than pristine sand and sparkling waters. Over the centuries, various civilisations chose to settle at this seaside location and you can still see the vestiges they left behind today. 

What to see in El Campello

With this in mind, we’re going to start our exploration of the destination at Illeta dels Banyets, an archaeological site which was inhabited two millennium BC. Local town tours will take you to this point of interest so you can get an idea of just how historic the destination really is. 

Another sight to put on your to-visit list is Torre Vigía de la Illeta, a watch tower, followed by Virgen del Carmen chapel and Santa Teresa church. We also recommend spending some time at Jardines de Villa Marco, peaceful gardens belonging to Villa Marco, a beautiful building built in the mid-19th century that constitutes an important part of El Campello’s heritage. The grounds are inspired by the impressive gardens at Versailles and are a wonderful place to take a stroll to gaze at the leafy plants and take part in cultural activities. 

And now let’s discuss the coastline. Enmig cove and Or cove are two examples of beautiful spots where you can spend your time with your head in the water, gazing at the fish, or lazing on the sand for hours on end. Muchavista beach, meanwhile, is a great choice if you want to do some water sports and enjoy services just steps away. And then there are plenty more coves, namely Morro Blanc, Piteres, Llop Marí, Nostra, Baeza, Lanuza and Palmeretes, and beaches including Punta del Riu (which is dog friendly), Amerador, Llomes de Reixes, Barranc D’Aigües, Carritxalla and Almadrava. El Campello really is a beach lover's paradise. 

If you fancy doing something active during your time in El Campello, you can cycle or walk these beautiful routes. Other don’t-miss activities include an evening stroll by the sailing club and the Moros y Cristianos festivities which fill the town with the beat of music and the colours of costumes. El Campello is an incredible destination - don’t miss the opportunity to come and live everything it has to offer.

How to get here:

The N-332 and the A-7 motorway access El Campello. You can also access it by narrow gauge train and tram. The tram line runs along Alicante-El Campello. There is a tram every 20 and 30 minutes, and the duration of the trip is 20 minutes. Alicante airport is 30 minutes away.


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