El Pinós/Pinoso
El Pinós/Pinoso
El Pinós/Pinoso
El Pinós/Pinoso
El Pinós/Pinoso
El Pinós/Pinoso
El Pinós/Pinoso


Pinoso awaits you, surrounded by rural charm, for you to taste its flavours sip by sip. Make a note of this destination in your planner!

Pinoso is a town in Alicante where the flavours and aromas of the land are taken very seriously, with gastronomic events not to be missed and the aroma of the delicious Fondillón, a spectacular wine.

What to do in Pinoso

We propose a route through the old town, where you can enjoy the Clock Tower, built at the beginning of the 20th century, which is an emblem of Pinoso that serves as a home to a clock from the late 19th century, and you can visit it and see the interesting mechanism!

The next point of interest will be the artistic mural that recreates the municipal market that was set up in the 1940s. You can almost feel the lively atmosphere of the stalls in this open-air work of art! We also invite you to visit a typical 19th century house at Casa de Don Pedro.

Finally, on the route through the town centre of Pinoso we recommend a visit to the Church of San Pedro Apóstol, a really beautiful 18th century temple. On the outskirts you can visit a curious building, El Pouet, which was used as a washing and watering place in the past, or the hermitages of Monte Cabezo and Santa Catalina.

In the countryside around Pinoso there is a succession of "cucos", dry stone constructions created to provide shelter for shepherds or to watch over crops.

Another point of interest is the Casa del Mármol y del Vino building. This building hosts exhibitions, workshops, training courses and much more, as well as being the headquarters of Pinoso Tourist Info. Pinoso is deeply linked to wine thanks to the production of the delicious Fondillón, a sweet wine that falls into the category of rancid wine.

Discover the festivities in Pinoso, such as San Antón, the Carnival, or all those that dot its many hamlets. Don't miss this corner of our territory!

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