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Les Hortes Park is made up of 4 differentiated platforms that, adapting, to the maximum, to the levels of the existing terrain and with a land movement of 7500 m3, manage to bring life to it; games area, square, amphitheatre and kiosk. As well as the different high and low grounds, the steep paths and tracks, the islets with banks and slopes, and the sandstone walls, all make the person going for a stroll enjoy a greater sensation of comfort, liberty and remoteness from the urban area, thus achieving the most natural resource possible. Inside the park there is a building designed as changing rooms and toilet facilities, it also has an amphitheatre made of face bricks where one will be able to enjoy all kinds of events, a wide square the extent of which is cobbled, and a large parking area which should cover the needs of the stall-holders when they come to the fiestas in September. The benches are of face stones in different shapes, both curved and straight, with backs made of square steel tubes with perforated plates and which are painted with polyester paint. The stone walls while serving to contain the lands also serve as benches given that they are made out of sandstone of reddish hues and are finished off with one of greater thickness. There is a games area in the highest part of the park. This area has a sub-section for children’s games with two springs, a seesaw, and a game that combines a fireman’s pole with a slide and exercise bar and a curved ladder. In another sub-section games are aimed at older children, this area has a three-dimensional net with a base of 12.6m by 58m in height made up of six rows of ropes with steel cores amalgamated in a coat of polyamide and with a double swing. In a third sub-section we have the games area for people of all ages, which has a pétanque court with wooden planks, a basketball basket and a skateboard court for the most daring. This is a facility that could be enlarged in the future, in the light of obtaining approval.

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