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Visit Parque Derramador in Ibi and while away the hours amid the kermes oaks and duck pond.

In Ibi there is a place where you can escape your worries, take a break and enjoy resting under the canopies of the trees.

This place is Parque Derramador, a lovely park that locals affectionately call Parque de los Patos, literally meaning ‘duck park’.

As you might expect, there are plenty of ducks and even peacocks here. Your little ones will love watching them go about their daily business in the pond. The park also has a large number of kermes oaks. These trees are a mind-boggling 600 years old and large in size.

There is also a kids’ play park where your little ones will spend hours running around and having a great time. If you find yourself getting a bit peckish, don’t worry, Parque Derramador has a kiosk where you can get yourself something to eat and drink.

Come to the park for a well-deserved break during your time in Ibi.

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