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Sant Pasqual-Torretes is an area of extraordinary natural beauty located in the town of Ibi. Discover everything you can see and do here.

Situated in Ibi in the province of Alicante, Sant Pasqual-Torretes is an area of natural beauty that was listed a Paraje Natural Municipal (municipal natural landscape) in 2011. It has a surface area of 69.3 hectares, much of which is in Sierra de Mariola and Carrascar de la Font Roja.

As you explore Sant Pasqual-Torretes, you will be captivated by the complex topography, the wilderness of the scenery and the mature vegetation, all of which combine to paint a picture of extraordinary beauty.

Connecting the plains of the inland with the mountainous counties in the north of the province, the landscape serves as a wildlife corridor. Jardín Botánico-Estación Biológica de Torretes is located within the area, offering you the opportunity to see all sorts of plants, such as sage, daffodils and varieties with medicinal properties.

What plants and animals can you expect to see in Sant Pasqual-Torretes? The area was repopulated with Aleppo pines so you will find no shortage of these. Then there is thyme, thymus piperella and atriplex halimus, all of which are medicinal plants. And in terms of wildlife, you might just be lucky enough to spot ribbed newts, ocellated lizards, weasels, hedgehogs and bats.

If you're looking for things to do in Ibi during your visit to Sant Pasqual-Torretes, we'd recommend walking boundless trails, wandering around the botanic garden, enjoying the peace and quiet, and spending some time spotting animals and learning about the scenery.

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