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Discover Punta Prima beach on the Orihuela coast, a peaceful spot where you can spend a day or more soaking up the breathtaking views.

Punta Prima beach is located in Orihuela Costa, specifically Punta Prima, which is one of the areas comprising the district. Orihuela Costa, in turn, is part of Orihuela, which is actually closer to Torrevieja, which it borders to the north.

Punta Prima beach is 234m long and has a total surface area of 6,552m2. It sits in a unique setting in which nature and technology rub shoulders. One of the most interesting features of the beach is that it has a lift providing access for people with disabilities, a piece of technology that enables everybody to enjoy a day of sun, sea and sand.

The beach has a seafront promenade where you can take a stroll and breathe in the beautiful views. It also boosts various quality certifications such as the Blue Flag and the Q for tourist quality, both of which bear testament to the beach's quality waters and excellent services.

In the summer months the lifeguards will be on guard and you will have the opportunity to rent out loungers and parasols. There is also a beach bar, known as a chiringuito, where you can get yourself something to drink and freshen up on a hot summer's day. In and around the area you will find hotels, apartments and developments with plenty of green areas, as well as restaurants. So how about it? Come to this stretch of the Mediterranean to take a dip, lounge in the sun and simply unwind. You won't regret it.

Quality and Environment Certificates
ISO 14001 Q ICTE Calidad ISO 9001 Blue Flag
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