With century-old history, peaceful spots and great sights, this part of La Marina Baixa promises an unforgettable getaway.

Located in the province of Alicante, Polop is a destination with plenty to offer. Clinging to a hilltop, the town paints a pretty picture with its idyllic houses overlooked by the castle. Keep reading to discover everything you can see and do in the destination.

What to see in Polop

The town of Polop grew around the castle, an imposing fortress built in the 12th century. Though its materials were used to construct other buildings and monuments in the town, the majority of the curtain wall is still standing as well as a cistern and a number of the towers. Once used as a cemetery, the castle is truly one-of-a-kind. Make sure you come and take a look around. 

After visiting the castle, we recommend wandering around the town. Before too long you will reach Plaza de los Chorros where you will see no fewer than 221 water spouts carrying the crystalline water from Terrer and Garrofer springs. Fully pedestrianised, this square is a lovely place to sit for a couple of minutes and cool down. Nearby is the next point of interest for you to visit: Casa Museo de Gabriel Miró, a literary museum dedicated to the great writer housed in a villa that is itself a beautiful work of architecture

If you love getting out in the fresh air, you’ll be pleased to hear that Polop is home to beautiful scenery snaked with great walking trails. Monte Ponoig has a via ferrata where daredevils can challenge themselves to scale the great rockface. The area, as well as Gulabdar gorge, has plenty of walks where you can immerse yourself in mother nature

Now you’ve worked up an appetite, it’s time to indulge in Polop’s delicious cuisine. Don’t leave without trying pilotes de dacsa and olleta de blat, hearty stews made of vegetables and pulses. Put Polop on your to-visit list and make incredible memories with the people you love.


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The Ponoig is considered one of the most spectacular Vias Ferratas in Spain, as it is a vertical route, with some unusual anchor points and a great structure.
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