Sant Vicent del Raspeig/San Vicente del Raspeig

Sant Vicent del Raspeig/San Vicente del Raspeig

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San Vicente del Raspeig is a modern and prosperous municipality. It is where the headquarters of the University of Alicante are and has the highest vertical garden in Spain, with a height of six floors, 340 square meters of extension and 34,000 trees planted on the wall. This landscape feature is one of its most emblematic urban references.


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Today it is integrated into the immense campus of the University of Alicante, in the municipality of Sant Vicent del Raspeig. Few can imagine that just opposite the control tower, still standing and surrounded by green in the hangar garden, the author of one of the main works of universal literature, made a plane stopover at the beginning of Twentieth century when he worked for the French air postal line.
We are going to take you to the Campus of the University of Alicante where the Illustrated Forest is, a beautiful park where you can relax after a day of study.
Like all big cities, Alicante is not a tourist site that only responds to the needs of families who come to visit its beaches or enter the traditional museums. Alicante also offers attraction sites for children; places, where parents can feel the emotion of their sons and daughters, rise to the maximum.
The arrival of good weather is perfect to enjoy the seventh art, during the hot nights of the weekend or, for those on holidays, also from Monday to Friday. There are a few open-air summer cinemas to enjoy during the summer months in Valencia and the rest of the Region. And for those who want to see a good movie from their car, they also have the option of enjoying it under the moonlight and the stars in one of the drive-in cinemas scattered throughout our territory.