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As you travel deeper into the Region of Valencia you won’t be able to help yourself from falling in love with the beautiful landscapes, age-old traditions and fascinating cultures, as well as the lifestyle, the way things are done, and the warmth of the people. The inland towns promise to immerse you in a world of unique experiences and this is no less true than in one of the most enchanting of them all, Sax

What to do in Sax

The enchanting town of Sax is defined by its castle, an imposing fortress that was part of a defence line set up in the Alt Vinalopó during the Muslim era. The castle has two great square towers connected by a crenellated wall. Inside, there is a stairway with pointed arches. 

San Blas chapel is another of the Sax’s sights and is well worth a visit. Located in plaza de San Blas, the chapel, known as “de la reconquista”, is home to the image of the patron saint of the town. The well-known fiestas de Moros y Cristianos, the Moors and Christian festival, is celebrated in honour of the saint each February. 

After visiting the chapel, you can explore Sax’s historic centre​​​​​​​. We recommend you wander through the narrow streets that intwine the town, moulding with the topography, a defining feature of Arab town planning

To end your visit to the town on a high, you simply have to have a taste of the local cuisine. Sax-style gazpachos, rice dishes and rabbit, pelotas de relleno, relleno de ayuno, trigo picado, gachamiga batida, borreta de bacalao, arroz caldoso are on the menu, treating you to a taste sensation.


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The summer months of filled beaches and suffocating heat have already ended. The summer has given rise to an autumn that already says goodbye to welcome the cold. A winter full of holidays arrives to travel and dismiss the year in one of the five towns of inland areas of the Costa Blanca. These are some of the best getaways in the region's interior.