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Between Cape San Antonio (Jávea) and Cape Blanc (in Teulada) the Alicante coastline presents rugged, inaccessible cliff faces. The Betic or Andalusian mountain chain finally drops off into the sea at this point, creating unique landscapes including sharp cliffs, hidden coves and a few smaller beaches. Cape San Antonio dominates the sea from a height of 160m and its seabed and surrounding area are now listed as a Natural Marine Reserve. South from the bay of Jávea come a row of coastal cliffs with small islands (Portitxol, Descobridor), followed by coves, and the capes of Sant Martín or Prim, Negre and La Nao. Further south is the spectacular Granadella cove and Les Morres de Benitatxell cove, dominated by the peak called Puig de Na Llorença (445m) boasting rich vegetation and numerous species unique to the area. Punta de Moraira, or Moraira point, protects the bay with its picturesque little port. The shoreline along this natural beauty spot has numerous watchtowers from olden days: Cap Prim, Descobridor, or Cape Moraira. The rocky seabed, part of the attractions in the Land of Valencia, is an excellent area for sub-aqua activities.

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