The small town of Torremanzanas is home to lots of places of interest that you’ll love discovering. Fancy a getaway?

Torremanzanas, in the province of Alicante, is the perfect place to go on hiking trails in nature and delve into the area’s historic treasures. Get ready for a getaway to the country and come with us to explore some iconic sites.

What to do in Torremanzanas

In the historic centre start by visiting the monument that gave the town its name: Torre de Maçanes (Maçanes Tower), which dates back to the Almohad period and looks over the town from El Castell, a neighbourhood elevated above the rest of the town. Built around the 12th century, the tower is neat and compact, and its walls undoubtedly hold many untold stories.

Another historic building is Villa Edelmira, a fortified country house that is very photogenic, and your next stop could be Santa Ana Parish Church, harking back to the 16th century and home to an old necropolis.

If we continue exploring the outskirts of Torremanzanas, we’ll arrive at Sanatori, an old tuberculosis sanitarium dating back to the beginning of the 20th century which became a military hospital during the Civil War. Today it’s abandoned, but it’s well worth a visit to feel the eerie past it possesses.

Strolling through the municipality you can enjoy visiting the many ancient country houses, ice houses dating back years, and charming trails. And don’t forget to visit the Torremanzanas prehistoric sites, you’ll find traces and remains of ancient civilisations in Freginal de la Font Major and Xipreret. 

Torremanzanas also celebrates Fiestas de San Gregorio Obispo and the “Pa Beneït” ritual during the week of 9 May in commemoration of the legend that claims the saint Gregorio Obispo freed the town from a dangerous plague. It’s a very special celebration in which giant loaves of bread are given as an offering, and traditional attire and songs take centre stage. Will you plan your next trip to this special spot?  


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