Discover the most iconic monument in a history-steeped village in the province of Alicante: a watchtower that has been standing for centuries.

Located in the province of Alicante, Torremanzanas is named after its most iconic monument: Torre de Maçanes, Maçanes Tower or Manzanas Tower. This watchtower, which was built during the Almohad period, was part of medieval fortified site. Construction took place between the 12th and 13th centuries, and over time the site has been integrated into new structures, including a manor house.

Maçanes Tower, which is popularly known as La Casa Alta, has a square plan and a gable roof, and continues to give an air of solidity. Overlooking the route leading from the coast to the inland, its location was strategic. The tower walls certainly have a lot of stories to tell.

If you love hiking, we recommend you walk a number of trails that will give you the opportunity to see this and other points of interest in the destination, namely El Sanatori, Las Masías and archaeological sites like La Foia de Cortes.

You’re sure to get a lot out of your time in this part of L'Alacantí.