Xaló is a small village in inland province of Alicante that dates back to the Muslim settlements of Ràfol de Xaló and Benixaloni in Medieval times. The image that best captures the destination is that of vineyards, as the village is encompassed with line after line of vines. With nearly 2,700 inhabitants, Xaló offers visitors all sorts of ways to enjoy its heritage, countryside and gastronomy. 

What to do in Xaló

One of the best ways to get to the essence of Xaló is to walk its streets and soak up the heritage that lives on here. Among the many pretty buildings, one of its most important sights is Santo Domingo chapel, dedicated to the patron saint of the village. Built between 1691 and 1697, the chapel enjoys a pretty location next to the river Gorgos

Next on the list to visit is Santa María church. Sitting in the centre of the village, the church is defined by its size and beautiful façade. Inside the church, the second patron saint of  Xaló, the Virgen Pobre, is worshipped

In the spring, the landscapes of Xaló become even more of a spectacle as the almond trees come into bloom with an explosion of pretty and fragrant white petals. Make sure you don’t miss this display of nature in motion and use the opportunity to take some lovely photos. 

The countryside around the village is defined by vineyards. During your visit, you should therefore really take some time to dive into the world of wine at Bodegas Xaló, a winery where you can savour the finest wines as well as white and red mistela and vermouth. 

And what can we say about the naturescape enveloping this pretty village? Well, it’s simply charming. The best way to get into the thick of it and breathe in the tranquil atmosphere is to pull on your trainers and walk the hiking routes surrounding Xaló. One of the best known is the circular route through Serra de Bèrnia i Ferrer. 

Immerse yourself in inland province of Alicante and enjoy this pretty village nestling in the countryside.

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