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Come and explore an incredible piece of hydraulic infrastructure that transforms the landscape around it. Discover more.

Bassa de Sapena, Sapena Pool, also known as Bassa dels Arcs, Els Arcs Pool, is located in Xaló in La Marina Alta in the province of Alicante. Dating back to the 18th century, this old pool is thought to have been constructed by a master builder that went by the name of Sapena. The pool is visually striking as it is defined by a number of arches and columns that used to prop up the old roof. This is an interesting example of a landscape that has been modified by mankind.

Sapena or Els Arcs Pool is located close to the centre of Xaló, making it a great destination for a lovely walk. Although it was once a fully functional piece of hydraulic infrastructure, the pool has a certain artistry that will get you reaching for your camera. In the past, it was covered with a roof made of materials like cane, while the columns and arches are made of stone. It really does paint a beautiful picture.

Sapena or Els Arcs Pool is a great place to visit during your getaway to Xaló, giving you the opportunity to fall in love with the beautiful scenery of La Vall de Pop.

If you’re looking for things to do in Xaló, make sure you put this fantastic old pool on your list of things to see. Enjoy everything you will see in Xaló.

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