Discover a corner of the Sierra de Espadán brimming with charm, where routes and paths will lead you into incredible landscapes. Come to Aín!

Aín, in one of the regions of the Castellón mountains with the most beautiful landscapes, Sierra de Espadán Natural Park, awaits you with a quiet pace of life yet plenty of activities to enjoy for anyone visiting. Let us reveal its secrets to you! 

What to Do in Aín

Aín is a perfect place to enjoy a day of birdwatching in the Sierra de Espadán, starting from its charming town centre, which preserves its Muslim layout and is surrounded by fruit trees and orchards, with the mountains as its ever-present backdrop. 

Located in the Espadán Peak foothills, Aín can be a great option for keen walking enthusiasts, starting from here to reach the peak. Other paths will take you on a beautiful water route dotted with waterfalls and springs. All routes bring you back to this tiny charming village with its many white facades with decorative touches in blue and numerous flower pots.

Strolling through the town centre and surrounding area you have enjoyable spots such as the castle, the washing station next to a lookout, an old mill or the 18th century church. Aín has loads to offer all year round! Its mild climate makes it a perfect destination twelve months of the year, with the added charm, if you’re lucky, of seeing snow in the mountains.

Aín's natural spaces are undoubtedly its greatest attraction, as Sierra de Espadán Natural Park is brimming with landscapes and species of great value. It is also home to a delicious olive oil, which you will no doubt enjoy and want to take home with you. 

Don't leave without trying their mountain paella or their arroz caldoso! And put Olla de Poble on your culinary bucket list, along with delicious sausages and typical sweets such as orelleta pastries with honey, and turrón (nougat). Make sure you choose dates when you can sample the local cherries, and you'll have delicious gifts to take away. Visit Aín and fall in love with this town forever.


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