Located in the heart of Alto Palancia, and nestled in the depths of the Sierra de Espadán mountains, Almedíjar is a charming destination with just 250 inhabitants and a steadfast dedication to tradition and culture.

Things to do in Almedíjar

Go on a tour of its historic town centre, where you can see the remains of a Medieval wall that once defended the town. Some of these walls are living examples of how three religious sects lived together in Almedíjar—Jews, Muslims and Christians.

 Then, make sure you wander through Almedíjar’s different neighbourhoods and discover why each is so unique. Muslims once occupied everything from the central part of Almedíjar to the upper end of Plaza de la Iglesia, where Christian populations took over. This becomes obvious when you see the Church of the Angels and Saint John the Baptist.

 On the other hand, the Jewish quarter encompassed Plaza de Roser, Plaza del Ayuntamiento and major streets like Pastora, Calvario and Acequia Street.

Nature in Almedíjar is also important. The Sierra de Espadán mountains are a true gem, and the destination in general offers travellers a multitude of landscapes they won’t find anywhere else. (Think: Fuentes del Cañar or valleys filled with what might be the densest cork oak tree forest in all of Spain. Fun fact: Some of these trees are 100+ years old!) 

 Of course, you can’t go to Almedíjar without trying its fresh garden produce and its undeniably-popular cheeses. The latter are internationally-known for their great quality and flavour, and will surely be a delicious addition to any meal.

Come and discover everything wonderful Almedíjar has in store. 


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